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Campaign Reporting and Tracking

SkyDesk Campaigns tracks the responses of your email and social campaigns. Compare the performances of your email campaigns to understand the elements that received positive results and utilize this information to tailor your subsequent campaigns or marketing strategy to achieve better results.

Track Recipient Activity

Find out the number of recipients who had opened your email and which email campaign received positive response by checking the ‘Forwards’. You can also track which link received the most clicks and which subscriber had clicked on the links. With this information, you can adjust your subsequent marketing campaigns accordingly to achieve favourable outcomes.

Automatic Management of Spam Complaints and Bounce Cases

You can track the number of emails that had bounced. Hard bounced emails are removed instantly, while soft bounced emails will be re-tried for up to three times. Emails that are marked as ‘Spam’ are moved to the ‘Do Not Mail’ list. This way, it keeps you notified about the spam complaints and prevents you from sending an email to the respective email addresses in the future.

Share Reports

Management team can view real-time updates of the campaign reports from anywhere with the help of a secured URL. Reports shared with contacts are password protected, so you can be assured that only authorized individuals have access to the reports.

Social Statistics

Track the performance of your campaigns on social media platforms. Stay updated on the number of likes, comments, shares and tweets that your campaign had received.

Device Reports

Design and deliver campaigns that are tailored to your subscribers. With Device Reports, you can gather data about the devices and operating systems that your subscribers are using to view your campaigns. Utilize this information to plan future campaigns to maximize your target audience outreach.

Campaign Comparison Reports

Compare and analyze past campaigns to determine which perform better in terms of open rate, click rate, spam complaints and more. With this information, you can better understand your target audience and adjust your email campaigns accordingly.

Google Analytics

SkyDesk Campaigns allows you to integrate your Google Analytics details into your account. All the reports and statistics in Google Analytics can also be viewed in SkyDesk Campaigns. This provides you a centralized platform to view all your reports and track leads to your website.

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