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Build your mailing lists with ease

You can import contacts into your SkyDesk Campaigns account easily by syncing them from your SkyDesk CRM account. Alternatively, you can add recipients’ details manually or utilize signup forms on your website to get visitors to subscribe and the contacts will be added to your mailing automatically.

As you build and grow your mailing lists, you do not have to worry about unsubscribes, bounces or spam addresses. SkyDesk Campaigns has a management system that will take care for you.

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Design and customize your own templates

Design templates and layouts are pre-loaded into SkyDesk Campaigns to give you a head start to your email marketing campaigns. You can customize them to suit your needs easily with the drag-and-drop editor; adding and editing the elements of the templates are simplified and requires no specific programming skills.

Do not settle with a single version of your email. Test campaigns based on subject and content to get the maximum results.

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Schedule and Deliver

You can schedule your email campaigns in advance by simply selecting the date and time that suits you best. You can also automate follow-up emails and the ‘Autoresponder’ feature will ensure that your emails are delivered to the respective recipients as scheduled.

Share on Social Media

Publicize and share your email campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand the outreach of your campaign and audiences. You can add social media buttons to your email campaigns to allow the subscribers to share the campaigns with their peers.

Track, Report and Analyze

Get real-time updates on the performance of your email campaigns. Various reports such as Opens, Bounces and Click-through-rates provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your email campaigns. You can also check the outreach of your email campaigns on social media via the social report. It provides you with an overview of the number of shares, likes, comments, views or tweets for every of your email campaigns.

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