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Integration with SkyDesk CRM

Nurturing customer relationships require consistent communication to educate about the company and its products; as such email marketing provides an effective means to connect with leads and prospects. However, a perfect harmony between your CRM system and your email system is essential in order to make this communication process effective. With SkyDesk Campaigns, you can connect with your SkyDesk CRM accounts to reach out to your leads, prospects and customers with ease, so you can enhance your marketing strategy.

Real-time Response Tracking

Review the results of your campaigns and the number of prospects that had responded well to them in your SkyDesk CRM system. With this information, you can tailor and develop your sales approach effectively.

Increase Customers Engagement with Targeted Campaigns

Tailor your email campaigns with the details of your targeted audience available in your SkyDesk CRM system to achieve better results.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Sale time is reduced as only the most qualified leads come to you for further follow-ups. This means you can work on more leads and close more deals.

Centralized Customer Database

The advanced synchronization between SkyDesk CRM and SkyDesk Campaigns allows you to maintain an updated and centralized database. Information updated on SkyDesk Campaigns will reflect in SkyDesk CRM in real-time, which includes email opt-outs as well. This way, you will not end up sending emails to people who had unsubscribed from your mailing lists.

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