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Social Media Outreach

Engage your customers on social media with your email campaigns. SkyDesk Campaigns allows integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to widen your target audience outreach.

Keep the Conversation Going

Engage your audience on social media with updates of your products/company. Gain a better understanding of your audience by monitoring the engagement of your social media activities in terms of likes, comments, views, shares and retweets.

Landing pages for Facebook Marketing

Design a campaign specifically for your Facebook audience. You can add your campaign as custom tabs on your Facebook page. Monitor the visitors’ engagement with SkyDesk Campaigns real-time social statistics.

Schedule and Automate

Plan and lay out the timeline of your social campaigns in advance to ensure every activity and process is on schedule. You can decide the start and end period of your campaigns, as well as schedule your routine posts and let everything run in automation.

Measure Engagement

Analyze the engagement of your social campaigns and utilize this information to improve on future campaigns.

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