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Say goodbye to business card holders with the new SkyDesk Cards R. Share the customers information with your team members or within the organization by saving business cards through your smartphones or other scanning devices. Just take a picture of the business card and save the contact details in your SkyDesk Cards R app, or using a scanner device to capture the image of multiple cards and simply upload them. You may also able to export the information into SkyDesk CRM, it’s that simple.

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Business Cards Management

SkyDesk Cards R lets you better manage your business cards in a single platform by extracting the content of the image and save them into the system. You may edit the card information and input additional data, for instance, adding the notes, tags and attachments. By using mobile devices such as smartphones, you are able to access the information anywhere, anytime.

Sharing Business Cards

Make good use of your connections by sharing personally managed business cards within your organization or team. This increase in communication efficiency can reduce duplication of work, increase opportunities for cross-selling, and prevent breakdown in communication process. As customer data is a valuable asset, information value increases when it’s shared as it allows the users/salespeople to better understand the customer needs and offers the appropriate products to them. Thus, increase sales performances.

Cards Scanning in Workplace

Effortlessly digitize and save business cards using smartphones or scanner device. You may download SkyDesk Cards R app from the App Store or Google Play when you attend business meetings, conferences, events and trade shows. Likewise using office scanner, you can scan multiple business cards and upload them into your SkyDesk Cards R account. SkyDesk Cards R is able to perform high accuracy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the image to translate the contents to editable text and fills in the data in the appropriate fields. It’s simple and easy to use.

Go Mobile

Access tools and manage business cards information on the go. Because SkyDesk Cards R is a Cloud-based system, you can manage your contacts information in real time.

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