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Notifications, Schedules and Reminders

Stay updated and work in real-time with instant email notification about process deviations or any specific information important to your business. Set reminders for important dates and events, so that you will always be right on schedule. Manage and plan tasks such as sending weekly sales reports or monthly maintenance reports to ensure timely updates on your business performance. You can also send SMS notifications to remind yourself on the go. Automating business process helps avoid unnecessary delays, possible communication gaps and minimizes customer dissatisfaction.

Triggers Based on User Inputs and Form Actions

SkyDesk Creator’s workflow builder has options to trigger actions based on user inputs. Customer requests from a specific region can be notified and attended to by the corresponding personnel. Leads and information can be mapped to him in the database. Any action based on your business logic can be set in Creator and it will get executed as required.

Take Control of the Entire Process with Conditional Statements and Built-In Functions

Configure approval systems, check standards and define rules for the processes with conditional statements. Drag and drop the if-else blocks to set the criteria. You can direct the actions that are to be taken when the criteria is met or not met.

Validation Codes to Ensure High Quality Data

Improve data accuracy by validating data being entered in the forms. Adding validation codes in your workflow ensure higher data quality.

Adaptability and 3rd Party App Integration

As businesses grow, the processes may get more complex. New rules, routes, tasks, owners will have to be added. SkyDesk Creator's workflow builder allows on-the-fly alterations to the process flow. The alterations do not add more cost or time as it is simple with the user-friendly interface of the builder.

With the APIs for 3rd party integration, the capabilities of your application can be further enhanced. In case you start with web-based ordering for your brick and mortar business, you can later edit the workflow sequences and escalate to a whole scale online ordering system integrated with a payment gateway.

Go Mobile

Access personal, shared, workspace applications on the go. Because SkyDesk Creator is a cloud-based system, you can access your stored database in real time.

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