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Custom Charts for Comprehensive Information

Present data gathered in comprehensive custom charts and gain new perspective from data analysis. Customizable charts allow you to generate reports with variables of your choice. Go beyond the conventional and generic income-expense/sales-revenue graphs, and introduce new charts on the go.

Derive Objective Insights

Generate new insights that can help you grow your business. Analyze current data based benchmarks derived over a period of time or discover new trends that guide you down the growth path.

Trigger Decisive Actions

SkyDesk Creator's reports provide you with great insights which require follow-up actions. Based on insights generated, you can automate triggers that are required for different scenarios. For instance, you can set a trigger to send out an auto-responder to customers who have yet to finalize their order and ensure that the customers feel special.

Go Mobile

Access personal, shared, workspace applications on the go. Because SkyDesk Creator is a cloud-based system, you can access your stored database in real time.

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