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Function Name Function Enterprise Professional Standard Free
Number of users
Number of users for CRM Organization Number of users able to join the same CRM Organization Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Up to 10 users
Sales Force Automation
Leads Manages the list of potential clients
Contacts Manages the list for the person in charge of business negotiation exchanges with clients
Accounts Manages the list of companies and departments for accounts
Potentials (Opportunities) Allows for management of the progress of business negotiation and records
Task, Events, Call Logs, and Notes Allows for management of tasks executed by the sales representative
Reminders While creating a task or event in SkyDesk CRM, you can set a reminder for it
Sales Forecasting Forecast sales from the progress of business negtiation
BCC Dropbox for Email Associates email messages with CRM records automatically by using BCC email address
Macros Allows for automation of common operations, such as the update of subject fields.
Multiple Currencies Allows for using 10 more currencies other than Home Currency
Contextual Custom Related Lists Allows for viewing data collected from other sources
Attach Documents Allows for attaching documents to email messages sent from CRM
Document Library Allows for management of org-shared documents
Feeds - Team Collaboration
Status Updates Post messages in Feeds to share it with all the users in your organization
Direct Messages Send private Direct Messages to your colleagues
Attach Files to Feeds Attach documents to messages you post
Follow-up Rules Follows records automatically by creating auto-follow rules
Groups for Team Collaboration Post messages in a Group to share it with the members of the group
Marketing Automation
Email Templates Allows for management of templates of emails for sending to customers Unlimited Unlimited 100 10
Email Opt-out Allows for management of opt-out circumstances of emails for sending to customers
Mass Email Sends emails in bulk using the customer list 1,000/day 500/day 250/day
Marketing Campaigns Allows for management of sales promotion activities
Auto-responders Sends email to customers with the configured timing and content
Customer Support
Cases Allows for the management of tickets for issues, queries, requests, etc by following defined support processes
Solutions Manages solutions for customer queries
Inventory Management
Products Allows for creation/management of Price Books
Price Books Allows for creation/management of Price Books
Sales Quotes Allows for creation/management of sales quotes
Sales Orders Allows for creation/management of sales orders
Invoices Allows for creation/management of invoices
Vendors Allows for the management of vendor information
Purchase Orders Allows for creation/management of sales orders
Standard Reports 40+ different reports across modules
Custom Reports Allows for creating new reports according to your organization's requirements
Schedule Reports Automatically sends reports to your colleagues, executive management and non-SkyDesk CRM users
Standard Dashboards Summarized views of custom report data in SkyDesk CRM
Custom Dashboards Allows for creating new dashboards according to your organization's requirements
Web Forms
Web to Lead Form Imports information entered via Web by customers into the database
Web to Contact Form Imports information entered via Web by customers into the database
Web to Case Form Imports information entered via Web by customers into the database
Notify Owner Notifies administrator about contents entered via Web
File Storage
Free Storage / Org Data capacity usable under default settings 1GB plus
1GB/user license
1GB plus
512MB/user license
1GB plus
512MB/user license
Additional Storage* Usage charges for every additional 5 GB Additional fee required:
SGD $34.2 /User/Half year
Additional fee required:
SGD $34.2 /User/Half year
Additional fee required:
SGD $34.2 /User/Half year
Data Administration
Data Storage (All Modules) Number of manageable records Unlimited Unlimited 100,000 25,000
Import Data (per batch) Number of records importable each time 20,000 20,000 10,000 1,000
Export Module Data Data export by module
API for Third-party Integration Allows for calling APIs to access CRM data from third-party applications
De-duplicate Data Allows for finding duplicate records and merging them as one record
Security Administration
Profiles Profiles with configurable access rights
Organization Hierarchy (Roles) Configurable roles
Field-level Security Access rights settings by entry fields
Data Sharing Rules Allows for configuration of the data sharing policy for the organization
Groups Allows for data management by creating Groups
Territory Management Allows for territory management based on rules
Product Customization
Page Layout Allows for changing page layout and field visibility
Rename Tabs Allows for changing tab names
Custom Fields Allows for adding your own fields to selected modules
Unique Fields Allows for making a field as unique
Custom Buttons Allows for adding new buttons to define a set of actions
Custom Links Helps you to define functions to access third party applications and urls to acquire the desired information
Web Tabs Allows for the configuration for enabling the viewing of other Web pages within CRM screens
Tab Groups Allows for organizing tabs corresponding to profile
Custom Modules Allows for creating modules that accommodate your other business processes
Workflow Management
Workflow Rules Allows for definition of actions when important fields are created/changed
Workflow Alerts Allows for notification of changes in important fields
Workflow Tasks Tasks associated with changes in important fields are created here
Workflow Convert Automate records conversion process using workflow rules
Assignment Rules Allows for assigning records to users in SkyDesk CRM
Webhooks Notifies other Web services when specified workflow is triggered
Approval Process Allows for setting up approval process by specifying criteria based on which records will be sent for approval
Workflow Field Updates Allows for configuration of fields to be updated
Custom Functions using Deluge Script Update the data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing easy to program scripts
Time-based Actions Allows for associating actions such as notifications, task assignments and field updates that are triggered on a specified time after the rule is executed
Case Escalation Rules Allows for the setting of escalation rules for queries from customers
SkyDesk CRM Integrations
Integration with SkyDesk Campaigns Export leads and contacts from CRM to Campaigns and easily plan & execute newsletters, welcome emails, customer surveys, etc
Integration with SkyDesk Reports Allows for data analysis by SkyDesk Reports; you need the Standard plan or above in SkyDesk Reports
Integration with SkyDesk Projects Allows for project management by SkyDesk Projects
Integration with SkyDesk Support Allows for case management by SkyDesk Support
SkyDesk Mail Option Allows for the management of email exchanges with customers by associating them with business negotiations
Integration with SkyDesk Creator Build custom apps and integrated Creator Apps in a single platform
Synchronize Google Calendar Allows for event data synchronization with Google Calendar
Synchronize Google Contacts Allows for contact data synchronization with Google Contacts
Browser Usable from the browser of a smartphone/tablet
SkyDesk CRM mobile Edition Usable from apps exclusive for iPhone, iPad, and Android
Editing is possible even when offline

* You can purchase up to 100 GB additional storage

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