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Get a bird's eye view of your sales lifecycle in a system that's tailored to your needs. You can upgrade, add more users or options, and integrate SkyDesk CRM with other applications.

Flexibility and adaptability are key to managing great customer relationships. That’s why SkyDesk CRM offers User Interface Customisation and Customised System to suit your preferences.

Customisable System

SkyDesk CRM provides API (Application Programming Interface) for integrating CRM modules with third-party applications such as, accounting, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals and others. With the SkyDesk CRM API, you can extract CRM data in XML or JSON format and develop new applications or integrate with your existing business applications. As the SkyDesk CRM API is independent of programming languages, you can develop applications in any programming language (Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc.).

You can use the SkyDesk CRM API to integrate the following types of applications:

  • SkyDesk Services
  • Third Party Applications

User Interface Customisation

Customising your User Interface isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade—it adds value to your program and makes all the page elements work in a way that makes sense for your business.

With SkyDesk CRM, you can personalise your UI in many ways:

  • Home Tab - Add and rearrange components
  • Tabs - Create, hide and rename tabs
  • Pages - Design  layouts, organize page details and create custom views to filter details
  • Templates - Customise templates for emails, inventories and mail merges

Custom Fields

SkyDesk CRM comes with a set of fields that caters to the needs of most businesses and we offer custom fields like Currency, Integer, Multiselect Pick list, etc. Add and manage these custom fields as per your requirements.

Go Mobile

Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk CRM is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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