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Inventory Management

SkyDesk CRM has extended function to support complete sales cycle management by incorporating Inventory Management feature. You are able to store data such as product prices, suppliers' addresses, services, contact information, etc. The features include Products, Price Books, Vendors, Quotes, Sales and Purchase Orders, and Invoices.

Working with Products

You can manage your company-wide products that are sold to customers as well as procured from vendors. The Sales and Purchasing departments will be able to coordinate effectively using Products module in CRM to manage and organize the process.

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Price Books

Price Books is used to keep track on the records on selling products at different prices which is based on the agreement terms with different types of customer. There are two key prices, the Unit Price and List Price in Price Books.

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Vendors are the people or companies that we liaise and procure our products and services from, they can be either direct manufacturers or suppliers. In SkyDesk CRM, the Vendors module let you create vendor contact information and keeping records of the transactions and related documents.

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Quote is a legal agreement between the customer and vendor to deliver the requested product within tje specific time at the agreed upon price. You can create quotes directly from Potential or Account module.

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Sales Order

Sales Order (SO) is the confirmation of sales generated after the customer sends a purchase order (PO) based on the quote. Goods will be shipped out based on the SO and an invoice will be created for billing purpose. SO contains SO number, items and quantity, shipping and billing addresses, terms and conditions, etc. which can be generated from SkyDesk CRM.

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Purchase Order

SkyDesk CRM allows you to create Purchase Order (PO) which is pocuring products or services from vendors. A PO includes all the information to communicate with the vendors and also help tp cross-check products shipped to the shipping address and the invoices received.

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The final phase of the sales cycle when an invoice is issued by the vendor and along with the shipment of the goods with the purpose of receiving payment. You can create quotes directly from the Potentials, Accounts, Quotes or Sales Order modules.

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Go Mobile

Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk CRM is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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