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Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation solution, it is easier to manage, track and measure all marketing actitivities, such as campaigns, mass emails, ad performance, marketing expenditure within CRM and improve the return on investment (ROI). Here is how you can benefit from Marketing Automation:

  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns based on customer
  • Execute e-mail campaigns around time-sensitive promotions and opportunities
  • Track marketing expenditures in real-time
  • Focus and improve the quality of your lead generation
  • Campaigns

    Create different marketing campaigns for your organization and keep track all of them in SkyDesk CRM! Campaign management helps you to plan, execute, and monitor campaigns in an organized way.

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    Web Forms

    Build web forms on your own in SkyDesk CRM! Simply decide what fields you meed for your form by clicking all the fields name, holding down your mouse button and dragging it into the form. Ypu can enable approval process for each lead, set rules or assign ownership. After the form is generated, you can copy the entire script and place it in to your website. SkyDesk CRM also allows you to create order forms, quotations, and acknowledgement letters too.

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    Mass Email

    You can send mass e-mail to reach large number of customers. SkyDesk CRM can add customer information automatically to your e-mail and send them only to targeted customers, for instance those who are living in targeted areas or focus on certain business type.

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    Email Marketing with SkyDesk Campaigns

    Email Marketing povides an effective means to connect with leads and prospects. Exporting the leads and contacts from SkyDesk CRM to Campaigns, you can easily plan and execute newsletters, customer surveys, welcome emails, etc. By enhancing your marketing strategy, connecting SkyDesk CRM and Campaigns to reach out to your customers with ease.

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    Document Library

    Document Library is a place where you can organize and manage business related documents and safely share them with your team members within SkyDesk CRM. You can upload various types of files such as brochures, competitor comparison, invoices. In addition, you can also attach documents from Document Library and email to your prospects.

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    Go Mobile

    Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk CRM is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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