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SkyDesk Apps Integrations

SkyDesk CRM offers integration with other SkyDesl apps and add-ons such as SkyDesk Cards and SkyDesk Projects, and as well as Google App. This help to increase productivity and efficiency while working with sales leads, prospects and customers.

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  • SkyDesk Projects

    Create or associate projects from the Accounts, Contacts and Potentials modules within SkyDesk CRM. You are able to manage the entire customer life cycle, plan tasks, set milestones, delegate responsibilities and executing projects all in one place.

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    SkyDesk Support

    Integration between SkyDesk Support & CRM helps the sales and helpdesk teams to get updated information so to serve all customers appropriately. Better understand the customers recent interaction with your organization sp tp easily identify and explore more business opportunities with them.

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    SkyDesk Creator

    SkyDesk Creator is a business productivity tool for you to build your own applications, forms, and view to use them inside SkyDesk CRM as custom tabs. You can retrieve records from other CRM modules into these custom tabs.

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    SkyDesk Reports

    The seamless integration allows you to easily create powerful reports and dashboards to track your KPIs, proactively manage your sales pipeline, optimize your sales/marketing execution and much more. SkyDesk Reports makes it easy to slice and dice your SkyDesk CRM data the way you want.

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    SkyDesk Docs

    Avoid the trouble of downloading files where you can attach from SkyDesk Docs and upload them into SkyDesk CRM. Organize and share the important collateral within your team/organization under Document tab in SkyDesk CRM.

    SkyDesk Mail

    Better manage your prospects and customers with Mail Magnet that is integrated in SkyDesk CRM! You can have coversations via email from the senders inside CRM system and receive instant notifications. You can instantly reply to emails, add follow-up tasks and write important notes. Email is centralized within SkyDesk CRM!

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    SkyDesk Cards

    Card enteries in SkyDesk Cards can be exported to SkyDesk CRM by using the exporting functions in the Cards application. Through implementing both CRM & Cards, this allow you to swiftly manage and follow up on your customers.

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    SkyDesk Campaigns

    Email Marketing provides an effective means to connect with leads and prospects. Exporting the leads and contacts from SkyDesk CRM to Campagins , you can easily plan and execute newsletters, customer surveys, welcome emails and etc. By enhancing your marketing strategy, connecting SkyDesk CRM and Campaigns to reach out to your customers with ease.

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    Go Mobile

    Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk CRM is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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