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Strengthen Relationships

Develop strategies to better communicate with your customers. Use SkyDesk CRM tools to engage potential customers and build long-term loyalty.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction depend on your ability to communicate clearly, manage information and respond to your customers’ needs. SkyDesk CRM has plenty of tools at your disposal, to help build stronger customer relationships.

Contact Management

Manage all contact information and channels from this accessible, easily updateable database. You’ll always be in the know when on a call. Contact management tool instantly pulls out a detailed look at customer information—no scrolling or searching needed. The Notes section displays the time and content of past conversations, so you can make each call more personal and productive.

With SkyDesk Contact Management, you can:

  • Track all contacts and related opportunities from a centralised database
  • Identify each contact’s role within their company, enabling customised messaging
  • Automatically assign contacts to the appropriate salespeople
  • Import contacts from third-party business applications using Import Wizard

Internal Communication Management

Effective internal communication can lead to increased productivity, whereby team members are able to share information effortlessly and improve coordination with each other. SkyDesk consists of numerous easy-to-use coordinating tools such as Chat, Status Update, Calendar, Data and Document Sharing functions.

With good internal communication management, you can:

  • Prevent conflicts and overlapping of work
  • Improve teamwork with clear understanding of individual roles, team goals and objectives
  • Timely completion of work and projects
  • Greater customer satisfaction due to higher quality of services received from the staffs

Customer Support

Customer support and service management (Cases module and Solutions module) features in SkyDesk CRM enable a better integration in a single system. Cases are the feedbacks from customers on various types of issues after purchasing the products or services from your company. Solutions are the resources within the company to solve problems encountered by the customers. The feature helps to enhance customer satisfaction and allowing for more cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in the future.


MailMagnet works in the outbound direction too as a CRM with email capabilities. You can receive notifications and reply to customer emails directly within CRM. With MailMagnet for SkyDesk CRM there’s no gap between conversation and action.

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Go Mobile

Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk CRM is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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