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Our Customer Success Stories

Interior Design & Build

"SkyDesk CRM helps to break down barriers with an efficient and secure cloud solution that improved entire sales workflow." Read More...

- Person-In-Charge
  First Sight International Pte. Ltd.

Human Resource Service

"We missed business opportunities as we didn't collect and manage information sufficiently. By integrating CRM with mobile devices, we can now conduct more pro-active sales activities!" Read More...

- Ms. Junko Anraku
  CEO of AG Co. Ltd.,

Motorcycle Services

"We would like to establish lasting relationships with our customers through the service provided by us. SkyDesk enables us to search for customer information quickly and is extremely useful for us in achieving our goals." Read more...

- Person-In-Charge
  Hybrid Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Outsourcing

"SkyDesk CRM includes web form function, data exportation, and this system meets our other requirements. Affordable running cost too which makes SkyDesk as a good choice for our implementation of a CRM system." Read more...

- Recruitment Department Team
  Nisso Corporation

Production, Sales & Manufacturing

"We fully utilize SkyDesk CRM for sales activities and development operations. It has proven to work better and every users are happy as the system is hassle-free!" Read more...

- Mr Suzuki & Mr Mizutani
  System Solution Department of Nitta Gelatin Inco.,

Commercial Printing

"Reliable customer support is one of the factor that we chose SkyDesk CRM as one of our management system. We can access SkyDesk CRM on-the-go and effectively help us to reduce our workload!" Read more...

- Mr Hisaki Yamamoto
  CEO of Toyo Bijutsu Printing Co., Ltd.

Stationary. Calligraphy Supplies. OA Equipment

"While utilizing both SkyDesk CRM and Cards applications, we are able to solve various problems and easy managing our daily sales reports!"

- Person-In-Charge
  Golden Stationary Co. Ltd

Medical Products Manufacturer

"We highly recommend a CRM solution like SkyDesk which can easily be customized by the users with basic knowledge of operating skill, and we are very satisfied as our staffs are able to get real time information of the activities!" Read more...

- Mr Hiroyuki Satake & Ms Megumi Hamato
  Sales Department of Toyokagaku Co. Ltd.,

Go Mobile

Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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