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"Email-in" is a special feature which allows you to transfer and store files that come as an email attachments directly into your SkyDesk Docs account. Every SkyDesk Docs account has a unique secured Email-in Address which the files will be saved directly to the 'Folders' section. This helps to skip the steps on downloading and uploading documents. It's convenient for your teammates to transfer and share documents to you and vice vice! Once documents are uploaded, you can view, edit and share, etc. in SkyDesk Docs.

Key Benefits of Email-In

  • You only need to email files from your existing mail accounts to the secure Email-in Address, the files will be saved directly to the "Folders" section in your SkyDesk Docs account.

  • The Email-in feature also allows you to upload scanned documents directly from your printer to your SkyDesk Docs account using the secure Email-in Address.

  • You are able to share your secure Email-in Address to your teammates to transfer documents to your SkyDesk Docs account.

  • "Email-in" supported all types of files which includes PDF, videos, pictures, etc,. and access them from SkyDesk Docs.

  • Send documents, videos, pictures, etc,. from your smart phones to SkyDesk Docs.

How to get Email-In Address?

Secure Email-in Address will be provided once you have a SkyDesk Docs account. Documents emailed to the secure Email-in Address will be directly saved in the 'Folder' section of your Docs account, and you may move them to your desired folder or workplace later.

  • 1. Login to SkyDesk Docs account.
  • 2. Click on the Setting icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • 3. Select 'Storage Details' from the dropdown list.
  • 4. The pop out window will shows the Email-In Adress at the bottom.

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