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A central location to store and manage documents is essential for businesses and users spread across various geographical locations.

SkyDesk Docs is an ideal solution for users who work remotely and deal with a large number of files. It supports various file formats, including images, music files, videos, zip, pdf etc. and keeps them organized in folders, making it easy to locate and access them.

SkyDesk Docs also acts as a backup for all your files saved in a computer or other data storage gadgets. Being an online service, your files are well protected from the risk of getting lost or damaged by threats such as natural disaster, viruses, computer breakdown etc.

You can upload and store files in SkyDesk Docs with:

  • Email-In
  • Bulk Uploads
  • Zip or Unzip Files

  • Email-In

    This is a unique feature which you can transfer and store files that come as email attachments directly into SkyDesk Docs.

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    Bulk Uploads

    With the bulk upload option, SkyDesk Docs allows you to upload multiple individual files or whole folders directly from your desktop.
    For uploading folders, you can upload folders with files and sub-folders, directly to the folders in SkyDesk Docs.

    Zip or Unzip Files

    Upload zipped files and unzip them in SkyDesk Docs. When the uploaded zip file is extracted, the files inside get unzipped and stored in defined folders.

    Go Mobile

    Access tools and manage documents on the go. Because SkyDesk Docs is a cloud-based system, you can access your documents in real time.

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