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SkyDesk Docs consists of document creation tools with smart formatting, editing and real time collaboration features. You no longer need to install any software to create documents.

Documents Creation

You may create your documents in the form of word processor, spreadsheet and presentations with SkyDesk Docs. All document creating applications enables you to share files internally and externally, provides collaborative editing features, and rich set of editing functions that you can find in most document creation software.

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Real Time Collaboration

Avoid the trouble of emailing your documents back and forth for reviewing or collating data from different versions. Simply share your documents and collaborate with your team in real time. The chat and comment functions allow you to discuss and work on details, creating documents efficiently.  This will prevent miscommunications and any changes or ideas can be implemented right away.

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Go Mobile

Access tools and manage documents on the go. Because SkyDesk Docs is a cloud-based system, you can access your documents in real time.

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