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Secure File Sharing

SkyDesk Docs provides an easy, reliable and secure way to share files. It acts as a centralized repository, where you can upload and store all your documents and share them with multiple users in your organization. There is also the flexibility to choose how you want to share your files and documents.

There are various methods to share file in SkyDesk:

  • Private sharing
  • Group file sharing
  • Online collaborative space
  • Share files externally
  • Embed in website or blog
  • Adding tasks

  • Private Sharing

    You can share files privately with an individual and assign permissions (Viewer/ Collaborator/ Co-Owner) to the recipients. With SkyDesk Docs, files and folders can be shared easily with any individuals within or outside the organization by just entering their email IDs.

    The Visibility Settings helps you to control how your files are being accessed. Files can be shared quickly as links to a larger audience or can be shared with collaborators, where two or more people can work on the same file together.

    Here are the Visibility options:

  • Collaborators Only — Files are accessible only to those who are explicitly granted permission.
  • Everyone in Organization — Files can be accessed by anyone in the organization with whom the link is shared.
  • Public on the web with password-protect — Files are accessible to anyone (including non-SkyDesk users) who has the perma-link and the password set by the owner.
  • Public on the web — Files can be accessed by anyone (including non-SkyDesk users) with the link.
  • Note: Sub-folders or files within a folder will have the same access privileges as that of the parent folder.

    Group File Sharing

    Group sharing allows multiple users to work and collaborate in real-time. Permissions can be assigned (Viewer/ Collaborator).

    The folder or file will be shared with the group of users who will be notified through an e-mail and on their SkyDesk Docs home page as a feed. Users can then access the shared folder or file either by clicking on the link in the notification email or from the feed notification in their SkyDesk Docs home page.

    Online Collaborative Space

    You can upload documents and share to others. You can assign individual level permission (Viewer/Collaborator) to the shared users in the workspace.
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    Share Files Externally

    With SkyDesk Docs you can share files with non-SkyDesk users with added security via a password-protected download link, so only authorized users can download the document upon entering the password.

    Shared members will get to access the files only with the password. You can also set expiry date for a shared folder or file to ensure it is not accessible after the specified time.

    You can be assured of file delivery and also track the file status like who downloaded a file, when a particular file was downloaded and how many times the file has been accessed.

    Embed in Website or Blog

    SkyDesk Docs allows you to publish folders or individual files (Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations) within your organization or to the external world.

    You can make your document public by inserting the document link in your website or blog. Once published, you get a URL that can be shared with anyone you choose.

    Your published folder will be accessible from this URL until you delete the folder or Remove Public. Anyone clicking the link to the published folder can no longer access the file.

    Adding Tasks

    When sharing documents, SkyDesk Docs also allows you to assign tasks to shared users. Adding tasks will help keep a track of what task has been assigned to which individual and what work has to be completed on each document. An estimated completion time can be added to each task, i.e. a deadline.

    With the SkyDesk Docs Tasks feature you can send your documents across your colleagues for reviews and approvals. You can even remind yourself about specific tasks using the 'Reminder' option.
    Once the user completes the assigned Task, the Task owner will be notifed both via an Email and on his SkyDesk Docs home page.

    Go Mobile

    Access tools and manage documents on the go. Because SkyDesk Docs is a cloud-based system, you can access your documents in real time.

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