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DocuWorld 2016: Next Stop, Innovation

DocuWorld 2016 held at the new Customer Value Innovation Hub (CVIH) in Fuji Xerox Towers. Learn how our leading solutions and services have transformed businesses, achieved productivity gains at work and expanded revenue streams. As the leading document services and communications provider in Singapore, Fuji Xerox helps business create a competitive advantage and turn ideas into reality. SkyDesk took part in the event to promote current and new cloud services such as CRM, Cards R, Docs, Campaigns and more.

DocuWorld 2015: Work Smarter, Leap Ahead

DocuWorld is one of the largest business conferences held biannually in Singapore. With our theme “Work Smarter, Leap Ahead”, we have gathered industry experts and leading organizations, to provide insights on how and why companies should implement these innovative strategies to improve workflow and shift the focus on their core businesses to deliver the best to their customers. Our guest speaker, Solution Marketing Manager - Mr Wiphop Laoruangsinchai, highlights the current communication challenges in the working environment and offers new innovative business communications with SkyDesk services.

DocuWorld 2015: Innovating the Future

Running for its 50th year, Fuji Xerox DocuWorld remained as Singapore’s largest Document Services & Communications conference. The event showcased Fuji Xerox’s cutting edge technologies and solutions that aimed to accelerate and enable businesses to stay ahead. Once again, SkyDesk CRM was featured as one of the key business solutions that commit to increase productivity and propel businesses onto their next milestone.

Winning Connections 2014

Fuji Xerox celebrated a series of SMART products launch at Winning Connections 2014. Equipped with leading edge technology, the smart multifunction devices enable peak business performances in the new dynamic workspace. In addition, SkyDesk CRM was officially launched during the event. Demonstrations of its features and dynamic interface were given to the visitors, who were intrigued by the versatility and scalability of the software.

National Productivity Month 2014

National Productivity Month (NPM) is a national-level initiative to showcase and share ideas, methods and perspectives on how companies can improve productivity. SkyDesk team had the honour to participate in this event to demonstrate its CRM system and beneficial features that will assist business owners/agents to improve their sales efficiency and productivity.

DocuWorld 2014: Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Business

In its 14th consecutive year, Fuji Xerox DocuWorld is the most visited event for executives and professionals in Singapore. With an array of leading technologies and solutions for businesses, it is an event to acquire valuable insights to tackle imminent challenges: ranging from news on current business trends to industry’s best practices that aimed to put your company ahead of its competitors. SkyDesk CRM and Media Switch were showcased during the event as marketing and business solutions that aimed to maximize marketing and sales efficiency.

DocuWorld 2014: Inspiring Simplicity and Productivity for Sustained Growth

Fuji Xerox DocuWorld is the Singapore’s largest document services and communications conference. SkyDesk CRM was featured as part of the business solution that aimed to propel SME business owners onto their next milestone. Demonstrations of its functionality and versatility were given to the visitors to showcase its dynamic interface and benefits in improving sales and customer relations. In addition, SkyDesk Media Switch was also showcased during the event to introduce a new innovative way of enhancing the print media experience and communication activities.

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