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The financial industry is a highly technological driven market and also one of the major consumers of CRM solutions. Financial firms have increasingly adopted CRM systems to improve their customers engagement and uncover potential customers.  
SkyDesk offers a wide range of business solutions that aim to provide a holistic approach to manage business operations and customer relationships. With an online centralized database equipped with the necessary tools to improve business processes, SkyDesk can help financial institutions and professionals to manage deals and nurture customers relationships, which in turn improve the overall productivity.


Insurance is one financial service product that relies heavily on the strength and depth of customer relationships. Few services/products can match the insurance industry in terms of efforts needed in interactions, follow ups, and reassurance to the customers. Without meticulous account-servicing and trust, a business opportunity can easily slip through the gaps.

With SkyDesk, company brokers and independent agents can deliver superior customer service to meet the ever changing needs of the customers as they move through the different stages of their lives. SkyDesk provides the tools for timely follow up and a highly mobile database where individual agents can view, retrieve and update customer information on the go.  

Real Estate

Property agents have little differentiation factors to work on in the services they provide. The target audience is almost identical, and thus making this industry a highly competitive one. It is all about networking, and a high reliance on the referral system. When a strong rapport and trust is built, future dealings with the same customer are highly likely and referrals will come easier.

SkyDesk ensures that all new listings are communicated to the customers through its efficient marketing campaign and automation tools. With a centralized database, property agents can have all Buyers, Sellers, Contractors, and Listing details in one single place.


Busy schedules and endless customer requests are part and parcel of the logistics industry. To sustain market share and ensure all needs are met, stakeholders have to continuously evaluate the latest trends and assess their potential impact.

The comprehensive calendar module in SkyDesk enables a seamless communication process between partners, suppliers, sales team and the management. With a complete suite of forecasting and reporting tools, logistics professionals will be able to pre-empt the customer buying cycle and predict trends even before orders have been made. Automating standard tasks such as label printing is also made easy with just a few clicks on the mouse.


There is an increasing awareness within the education industry on the benefits in adopting CRM systems to build stronger relationships with students and other constituents.

SkyDesk can strengthen relationships with candidates, students, trainers/teachers and alumni through online self-service portal and a centralized database for complete control and management. Automatic capturing of information from the web will enable administrators to focus on more important activities such as retention programs.


Online shoppers have grown exponentially throughout the world. Product research can also be done on the web before the actual purchase at the physical store. With the proliferation of online channels, a retailer needs to understand customers’ behavior regardless of where they shop.

SkyDesk allows retailers to manage their entire customer touch points effectively—capturing customer information and cases, faster customer support response time, insights of buying behavior,and delivering a seamless customer experience by integrating with e-commerce platforms and in-store, point-of-sale systems.


The Automobiles industry is highly concentrated. Better technologies will in turn raise higher expectations and thus resulting in higher demands. Product innovation and fast time to market must be complemented with strong and efficient customer support.

With SkyDesk, you can increase sales revenue and boost your dealership with comprehensive features such as customer segmentation, real-time reporting and automated workflows. With complete customer information and history, you can execute highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.


The Tourism industry is a highly competitive market that pushes hotels, travel agencies alike to acquire a better understanding of their customers’ needs. Tourism businesses need to have a deep knowledge of their customers’ behaviors and preferences in order to deliver the appropriate services to stimulate customer retention. However, without proper customer relationship management, it is difficult to attract and retain customers.

SkyDesk can nurture and strengthen customer relationships through a centralized online database that allow you to gain access to all relevant information of your customers. With information at your fingertips, you can customize your sale approaches and services to suit the needs of your target customers.

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Access tools and manage customer information on the go. Because SkyDesk CRM is a Cloud-based system, you can check on sales activities in real time.

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