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Advanced Features

SkyDesk Mail's webmail interface has been designed to break the notion that only desktop email clients can provide the power features favored by business users. Powerful functionalities have been deftly placed in the real estate while still maintaining a sleek, clutter-free look and feel. This means you get the best of both worlds.

  • Powerful Search
  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus
  • Instant Chat
  • Templates
  • Shortcuts
  • Outbox

Powerful Search

Searching for messages is literally a snap with the advanced search feature. Drill down your search by specifying almost anything that you vaguely remember that is related to the message you seek.

Anti Spam and Anti Virus

SkyDesk webmail supports multi-level folder structure unlike other webmail interfaces out there. This means you can organize your emails in a perfect tree structure and be able to navigate smoothly.

Instant Chat

With a single click on the sleek chat bar at the bottom, your business users can instantly ping each other to discuss matters on the fly. With ability to create group chats, collaborating gets even better.


Time and again in business there are instances when responses pertain to a standard format (Welcome, Thank you). Save time by using templates and impress your recipients with quick responses and professionalism.


Thirty-five keyboard shortcuts make navigation simple. You can enable or disable keyboard shortcuts from within your browser. Unique shortcuts allow you to do things like open an email in a new window or a tab.


Use the Outbox to schedule or delay sending a message. You can enable or disable the Outbox from within your browser.

Go Mobile

SkyDesk Mail mobile app goes beyond being another email app. Integrated app empowers users to do more while on the move.

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