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SkyDesk Mail & CRM Integration

Even with the implementation of a CRM system, most users still live and rely on email to exchange messages with leads and customers. After all, it is not practical to expect people obsessed with email for years to resist their urges and adapt to modern management tools.
So do you have to choose between using a CRM or Email for managing business communications? Or use both with your employees forced to switch between CRM and Email, tediously, manually syncing the two ends together?

In our view, the answer is not CRM or Email, it is CRM & Email integrated with each other. That is why SkyDesk Mail and SkyDesk CRM are integrated in almost magical ways.

CRM inside your Inbox

Waste no time in finding your CRM Contacts and Leads' email information when you are ready to compose that important message. As you start filling in the email address, the auto-suggestion list will indicate your CRM contacts under a clearly demarcated section.

Alternately, you can select the CRM tab in your address book and specifically search within your associated CRM contacts. In a sense your CRM is present in your Inbox, quite adequately if not completely.

CRMBox - The Important Emails in One Place

Access all your CRM associated email exchanges in one place, right inside your Inbox. Your CRM administrator can choose to have all CRM related messages automatically filtered into an exclusive folder or assign them all a unique label. Either way, your CRMBox is just a single click away.

Contextual Gadgets

Equip yourself with finer details about a lead, prospect or customer such as notes made about them by your team mates, pulled from the CRM system. Understand a prospect's context thoroughly by learning about events and demos scheduled by your sales colleagues and initiate CRM actions, all from within email. The CRM contextual gadget is simply powerful.

These features will be available in CRM Mail only along with SkyDesk CRM. So why go through the hassle of switching between email and CRM?

Go Mobile

SkyDesk Mail mobile app goes beyond being another email app. Integrated app empowers users to do more while on the move.

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