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SkyDesk webmail interface does not display ads (not even in the free plans) and gives you a wide range of options to organize and categorize your messages. This includes familiar items like folders, labels and flags, automatic filters, as well as one-of-a-kind capabilities, like our email thread nesting.

  • Familiar Interface
  • Multi-level Folders
  • Drag and Drop
  • Rules and Filters
  • Mass Selection
  • Filtered Views
  • Threaded View
  • Tabbed Views

Familiar Interface

SkyDesk Mail presents a very recognizable interface, which eliminates a new learning process. You'll be productive with SkyDesk Mail as soon as you log in.

Multi-level Folders

SkyDesk webmail supports multi-level folder structure unlike other webmail interfaces out there. This means you can organize your emails in a perfect tree structure and be able to navigate smoothly.

Drag and Drop

What can get easier than being able to drag and drop items when it comes to usability? That is exactly how you can attach files while composing messages, apply labels and move messages to folders.

Rules and Filters

Automate incoming email handling. Use automatic filters to move mail from folder to folder, and label them based on criteria you define. You can also import filters from other sources.

Mass Selection

Mark multiple emails as read, to-be-deleted, flagged or labeled, and more at one time. This saves time being wasted on repetitive tasks.

Filtered Views

Viewing only unread emails, or labeled/flagged emails improves user productivity. An uncluttered list view of emails clearly differentiates between read/unread/action pending emails.

Threaded View

Related threads are presented in a nested-tree format. Clearly track the history of the email thread, to understand how an interaction unfolded.

Tabbed Views

Instead of opening up new windows, you can open new pages in new tabs; thus allowing multi-tasking and easier toggling in between pages.

Go Mobile

SkyDesk Mail mobile app goes beyond being another email app. Integrated app empowers users to do more while on the move.

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