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What is SkyDesk Media Trek?

SkyDesk Media Trek* is a cloud-based voice guidance application which uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) position information of your mobile device and automatically starts the voice guidance when you are near a location configured with guidance information. For instance - a tourist who is using Media Trek mobile application with GPS been activated, selected a specific “Book”, and the voice guidance will automatically starts when close to the sightseeing location.

*App is named SkyDesk Media Trek in the Asia Pacific, while same app is named Sorata Media Trek in Europe and Amercia.

How does SkyDesk Media Trek works?

Media Trek System

Service Provider

SkyDesk Media team provides Media Trek system with professional support and services to our customers— Content Creator.

Content Creator

Content Creator operate and manage the content of each "Book" with the use of Authoring Tool via web bowser which is included in Media Trek system package. The Creator will set audio play locations, create contents such as audio records, messages, images and other material that are stored in the "Book" for Audio Guide Users to download.

Audio Guide Users

Audio Guide Users are the end users who install and use Media Trek mobile application to receive information. For example, tourist, students and etc. It's a free application and brings convenience to the users where they can gain useful knowledge or important message of the location they are at by downloading "Book" in the application. SkyDesk Media Trek application is available at Apple App Store and Google Play.

Content Workflow Process

Media Trek System

Content Creator Audio Guide Users
    Minimum knowledge is required to use Authoring Tool to create Book     Users can access the Book through smart devices at the specific locations
    It's easy to deliver new guide according to the events or new requirements     Multi-tasking by reading a map and listening to the audio content
    Cloud-based system that save cost to hire programmers and reduce the cost of ownership (TCO)     Simple steps to follow for installation and easy to use
    Audio guide can be created in English or Japanese     Selection on either English or Japanese language

Useful Links

  • Media Trek App Manual (Audio Users)

  • Various Media Trek Usage Scenario

  • System Requirements

  • Introductory Video


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