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Enjoying SkyDesk Media Trek Mobile App

Important Tips

We recommend users to wear earphone while using their mobile device and adjust the volume to an adequate level. Please pay attention to your surrounding safety while enjoying the audio guide and checking the mobile map.

App Installation

Install our “SkyDesk Media Trek” mobile application from Apple App Store or Google Play in your mobile device. Open up the app and select [Book Store] button to download the free audio guide Book. After download, tap on [Open] button then tap on [Start guide] button for the audio guide. Remember to switch on your GPS location service from your mobile settings.

Autoplay Voice Guidance

As you approach a pre-set guide location, the voice guide will play automatically. You can also tap on other icons that are displayed on the map to listen to more information in that area.

After use

Contents you have played are stored in the footprint of the Book. The footprint enables you to playback the voice guidance of locations you have visited. You can tap on the footprint icon to replay.

Other Useful Information

My Book


Users have to download the books in order to listen to the guide. "My Book" function is where the downloaded books are saved.


The footprint function enables you to hear audio guide for locations that you have visited before and initials repeat visit.

Access additional content

Users can access additional multimedia contents via SkyDesk Media Switch such as web pages, videos or audios by scanning objects with their smartphone. Learn more about the corss-media service SkyDesk Media Switch.

To follow instructions on how to use SkyDesk Media Trek, please visit here.


A Range of Usage Scenarios

School Excursion

Users are able to play the voice guidance of various locations while traveling on a vehicle, such as students using Media Trek on a school excursion bus.

Art Galleries & Museums

Self-guided tour around the indoor facility which help visitors to engage with the display of exhibits and artefacts in the art galleries or museums.

Emergency Management

It can be used to provde information on emergency evacuation sites such as evacuation routes, locations of fire extinguishers, as well as facilities in a shopping mall (restrooms, lifts & baby changing stations), etc.


Media Trek can be used for study tour, freshmen orientation tour, in-campus use, school festivals and etc.

Retail & Indulgence

Providing information on the well-known shopping malls and local resturants to dine in. For an instance, the must-try conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo City.

Go Mobile

SkyDesk Media Trek is a Cloud-based GPS-Linked Audio Guide Service provided by Fuji Xerox. Download SkyDesk Media Trek mobile app now.

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