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SkyDesk Motivator

Enourage and Motivate salespeople to improve
Sales Productivity and
drive Revenue Growth

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SkyDesk Motivator provides gamification and incoporate with CRM solution-- SkyDesk CRM. Motivator helps to create an exciting and competitive environment for sales team to maximize the performance and increase team engagement. Moreover, it provides clear goals, real-time feedbacks and gain recognition on how the sales team is performing. Get challenged in a fun and exciting way as SkyDesk Motivator features Live stream leaderboards, Contest and Trending charts that will be shown on the big screen with Motivator TV!

Motivate your sales team, boost sales and CRM usage while having fun



SkyDesk Motivatior Dashboards can visualize your sales team's activities. You know exactly which activities your sales team should focus on.

In the Dashboards, “Pipeline velocity” shows you how quickly opportunities are moving through your pipeline on their way to becoming closed deals.

SkyDeskMotivator helps you to speed up your team's Pipeline velocityand increase the number of ongoing deals, the close ratio and the size of deals or shorten Sales Cycle Length.

Target (Goal and Achievement Level Management)

Focus on variety of targets from breaking down large objectives into smaller tasks and assign to individuals, teams, or even involve organization altogether.

Easily track performance in real-time, comparing sales results with your peers, and with on-demand scorecards to recognize activities that needed to pay attention to.

Sales Contest

Employee contests are a great way to stimulate healthy competition and encourage team performance. Create either team-based or individual-based contest and monitor the status of the contest standings in real-time. Contests help to energize the team to perform their best.

Motivator TV

SkyDesk Motivator allows you to publish stats in an easy to read format on a flat screen TV in your office or work environment. Leaderboards are concise dynamic scoreboards to showcase rankings among contestants. Sales victories and contest winners can be showcased on big-screen TVs for better team motivation and engagement.

Go Mobile

Mobile access to your KPIs, Targets and Contests created with SkyDesk Motivator application.

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