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An idea is only great when it's shared. Use our interactive message boards to post topics, spark conversations, and increase collaboration. Unlike emails, everyone can participate in the discussion, and put threads in distinct folders for easy access. By exchanging information with colleagues can make big ideas come alive.

Create New Topic

Post a topic or an idea and let your team members share their views and comments to know the requirements to start a new project. You can post a review process and check the team opinion before implementing.

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Express View with Image

Express your views now by attaching files on a topic or leaving a comment. This way you can substantiate your views with an attachment, blogs, or other useful links.

Organize Forum Topics

You can group your forum topics in the respective category, and also organize topics belonging to a particular category in different folders. This becomes easier to sort, view and reply to forum posts.

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Watch Topic

You can choose "Watch This Topic" option to get instant updates about a particular topic. However, this option is enabled only when you do not participate in the forum discussions.

Go Mobile

Access tools and manage projects on the go. Because SkyDesk Projects is a cloud-based system, you can collaborate with your team in real time.

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