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Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts provide a visual on the progress of the various tasks such as task progress, task owner, task status and other task details in comparison to what was planned. It is an ideal way of communicating the latest project information to everyone.

In SkyDesk Projects, you can view the Gantt Chart in two different views:

  • Milestone Gantt

  • Chronology Gantt
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    Milestone Gantt

    Milestone, Task lists and Tasks are displayed based on their hierarchy in the project. Milestones are represented as a red rhombus, and Task lists as black horizontal bars and Tasks in various colors as horizontal Gantt bars.

    Chronology Gantt

    Gantt bars are displayed based on the order of the start date in the project. Tasks and subtasks are represented in various colors as horizontal Gantt bars.

    Resource Utilization Chart

    The Resource Utilization chart gives an overview of how your team member's time being utilized. You can achieve complete visibility into resource utilization and track over allocation, idle and optimum allocation of tasks.

    Task Reports

    Task reports view provide a consolidated view of all the tasks in a project based on their status, priority and owner. In addition, you can also get user based task report.

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