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Integration with SkyDesk Reports

Integration with SkyDesk Reports gives you a complete picture of the team progress with an insightful dashboard. You can easily create a large number of reports like project status, burn down charts, hours utilized, planned vs actual reports that help your entire team connect the dots. Also, get the overall picture with Gantt Chart that let you visually track status of the tasks.

SkyDesk Reports Add-On

The add-on provides more than 50 pre-made reports and dashboards that assist you in tracking and enhancing your project deliverables.

Track Key Project Metrics

Break down your data that you can understand better. Analyze and build insightful reports with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and immediately get to know your KPIs in order to manage your project execution.

Other Key Benefits

  • Collaborate and analyze reports with your project management team
  • Build a team culture where the insights from reports are put into action
  • Embed reports across websites, blogs and applications for wider consumption

  • Go Mobile

    Access tools and manage projects on the go. Because SkyDesk Projects is a cloud-based system, you can collaborate with your team in real time.

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