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Visual Analysis

Analyze business data and create insightful reports & dashboards easily with our drag-and-drop interface. No IT expertise is required.

Wide Range of Reporting Components

SkyDesk Reports offers a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components for you to create insightful reports and dashboards. New reporting formats will be updated frequently too.

Build Key Metrics

Extract required business metrics from your data with an extensive library of mathematical and statistical functions that are simple to use.

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User-Friendly Dashboards

Combine multiple reports into a single dashboard for easy viewing. Insert images, formatted text and web components in a flexible designer layout to make it easier for executives/users to track KPIs effectively.

Spreadsheet-like Interface

SkyDesk Reports provides a “spreadsheet-like” interface for data addition, analysis and reporting to make it easy for users who are better versed in spreadsheets to adopt the system.

Go Mobile

Visually analyze your business data and create insightful reports and dashboards to make business decisions with SkyDesk Reports in real-time.

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