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White Labeling

SkyDesk Reports offers white label solutions to rebrand the interface completely to suit your custom domain/portal of your own brand.

Fully Re-Brandable Portal

Set up your own reporting portal/website that includes fully re-branded reports and dashboards easily with SkyDesk Reports. Be an instant analytics and BI provider.

Embedded BI

SkyDesk Reports provides you with a seamless embedded business intelligence solution option that allows you to embed ready-made reports and dashboards in your application or service. This way, you can provide value-added experience to your users.

Customizable Design Elements

Enhance the user experience with highly customizable design elements, single sign-on, user administration, comprehensive APIs and other white-labeling capabilities that SkyDesk Reports has to offer.

Go Mobile

Visually analyze your business data and create insightful reports and dashboards to make business decisions with SkyDesk Reports in real-time.

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