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Track and Engage your website visitors in real time

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SkyDesk SalesIQ is basically known as a cloud-based live chat and help desk software. When a visitor comes to your website, there is a button which allows a real time conversation between the web visitor and one of your employees. SkyDesk SalesIQ is typically used in a customer support environment to facilitate real time problem solving or pre-sales support – advising / answering customers questions about your products and services.

Effortless Website Visitor Tracking System for Growing Business


Track Visitors Footprints

Monitor how visitors are interacting with your website in real-time. Identify the URL of the content sending you website traffic.

Analyze the web path of visitors and determine specific web pages with high and low engagement rates.

SkyDesk CRM Driven Engagement

Connect SkyDesk SalesIQ with SkyDesk CRM and improve conversions via follow ups. Get better context via visitor information history.
Add leads, contacts, follow-up tasks and potentials right from the chat window. Converse better, persuade better and sell better.

Convert chat to lead or contact.
Previous interactions.
Assign follow up actions.
Visitor tracking in SkyDesk CRM.
From data to actionable insights.
CRM data based pro-active triggers.

Live Chat Software

Live chat enables you to close deals faster and deliver exceptional customer service. Wow your website visitors in real-time.

Real time traffic monitoring.
Automated website visitor engagement.
Customize to match your website design.
Actionable analytics
Prioritized list of website visitors.

Real-time Lead Scoring

Real-time lead scoring tools are critical for sales teams to determine which prospects they need to target and engage on priority.

SalesIQ enables you to easily categorize visitors at four levels based on their digital body language, which includes time spent on website, last active time, number of past visits, and 20 other criteria.

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