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Measure Customer Satisfactory Level

Evaluate your customer service effort and understand how customers felt about your service. SkyDesk Support offers a feature that allows your customers to provide feedback and rate your customer service. Gather qualitative and quantitative feedback on areas to improve on and deliver a better service to increase your customers’ satisfactions.

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Customizable Reports

Optimize your work process and reporting with customizable reports. SkyDesk Support offers a range of basic reports that are highly customizable to suit your needs. This comes in handy when you have your own lists of metrics to track.

Daily Reports Delivery

When you have several reports to look through on a daily basis, it can be time consuming to navigate to each of them. SkyDesk Support allows you to schedule reports to be sent to you automatically every day. This way, you can focus on the matters at hand and save the hassle of retrieving the reports one by one.

Understand Your Customers Better with Visualizations

Data and insights are best delivered with visuals. SkyDesk Support offers customizable visual dashboards that are easy to setup and configure to simplify data information for easy comprehension.

Go Mobile

Access and responding to customer needs on the go. Because SkyDesk Support is a cloud-based system, you can deliver excellent customer service in real time.

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