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Service-levels and Contracts

Organize all your customer service efforts with basic help desk automation from SkyDesk Support. Set your business hours and a list of holidays to notify customers of the estimated response time. Use service-levels and contracts to ensure all your commitments are delivered accordingly.

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Every Ticket Finds Its Match

Optimize your customer service productivity and automate your ticket assignment. Set criteria and rules to ensure that tickets are automatically assigned to the corresponding customer service agents.

Escalate Tickets to Avoid Customers Conflicts

It is crucial that any overdue tickets are being brought to attention promptly to avoid customer complaints. With SkyDesk Support, you can establish a set of rules to escalate tickets automatically based on SLAs to ensure that any overdue tickets are attended to immediately.

Updates Notification

Trust and transparency are essential components to customer service. Customers have to be notified of any updates in their tickets and agents have to be informed of customer responses. SkyDesk Support allows you to automate this process of notification to improve your business productivity and customize the design of these automated notifications to deliver a personalized service to your customers.

Clean Up Inactive Tickets

Digging up inactive open tickets and closing them manually can be a tedious process. Automate this process with the time-based actions feature to increase your productivity and free up resources to focus on improving your customer satisfaction.

Go Mobile

Access and responding to customer needs on the go. Because SkyDesk Support is a cloud-based system, you can deliver excellent customer service in real time.

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