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Email Communication

Manage and respond to customer email inquiries easily in a centralized and user-friendly interface. SkyDesk Support offers an effortless way of handling emails even when you have several email IDs.

Cloud-based Customer Service Hotline

SkyDesk Support offers a traditional customer service call system that has been re-designed for cloud. It comes with all the necessary features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call forwarding, voice messages, missed call notification and more.

Instant Message with Customers in Real-time

Chat with customers and under their concerns better. With the instant message feature, you can address customers’ issues in real-time and deliver personalized help.

DIY Customer Service

Maximize your workflow efficiency and allow customers to look up on solutions by themselves. Upload the frequently-asked questions and organize them into categories on the customer self-service portals. Customers will be able to perform their own trouble-shooting and if they are still unsure, help is only an email away.

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Build a Community for All

Establish an online community for customers to interact with each other. SkyDesk Support provides a platform that allows customers to hold discussions about issues of the products and allow other customers within the community to offer solutions to the problems. This way, you can nurture and build a customer community.

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Customer Service on Social Media

Social media platforms have increasingly become important communication channels for businesses to interact with their consumers and garner feedbacks. However, keeping track of all the social media posts is a tedious process. SkyDesk Support offers a convenient way of automatically pulling all your timeline posts and organizing them according to the social media outlets, so you don’t have to shuffle between multiple tabs. With its smart emergency control feature, you will be alerted of any likely social media outbreak.

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Web Forms

SkyDesk Supports facilitate multiple communication channels within its system, including web forms. Web forms are easy to create, customize and deploy, so you can easily capture customers’ data and address inquiries.

Set Your Priority Straight

Prioritize tickets to ensure that the urgent ones are being attended to first. SkyDesk Support indicates the ticket status to show what stage a ticket is in. This information is also shown to customers in the self-service portal to allow for transparency. Due date is also shown to indicate when a response is due for a ticket. This feature can ensure that inquiries are addressed on a timely basis and customers’ satisfactions are maintained.

Go Mobile

Access and responding to customer needs on the go. Because SkyDesk Support is a cloud-based system, you can deliver excellent customer service in real time.

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