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Up-to-Date Customer Information

Information about your customers is very important when responding to tickets. SkyDesk Support automatically syncs customer information with SkyDesk CRM. This way, you can be kept updated and have all the relevant customer details at hand.

Contextualize Every Ticket

Tickets contain specific and situational information. To understand the context of the tickets, you will require information about the customer. SkyDesk Support provides you with a comprehensive background of the customer by drawing relevant information from SkyDesk CRM, so you can better address the inquiry and increase customer satisfactory level.

Understand Your Customers Better

Relevant ticket information from SkyDesk Support is synced with SkyDesk CRM, so your sales reps can understand the customer's recent interactions with the company. Your sales team can easily identify satisfied customers and explore more business opportunities with them.

Go Mobile

Access and responding to customer needs on the go. Because SkyDesk Support is a cloud-based system, you can deliver excellent customer service in real time.

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